RAYZR Light Engine

Custom algorithms for Cine Quality Light


Custom algorithms mixing the light of several LEDs with various colors in a calibrated way are the basis of the Rayzr Light Engine, providing a well balanced, full spectrum light for maximum color accuracy giving you a cinema quality light source.

Calibration from our side ensures consistency from the beginning with virtually no tolerance from fixture to fixture. What we say is what you get. Individually calibrating the color engine of each fixture we produce ensures that you get accurate color properties at any settings true to our published data.


To ensure consistency after years of use fixtures powered by the Rayzr Light Engine can be recalibrated by the user for accurate colors and color temperatures, always. Make sure you can rely on your fixtures independent of their age and that you can match various fixtures easily by calibrating them.

Recalibrate Yourself

With Source Match you can make your lighting more consistent and save time in post fixing non matching lights . The powerful Rayzr Light Engine enables you to match any light source. Enter the x/y coordinates you measured and your fixture will be an exact match bringing consistency to your lighting. 

Source Match






Creative Freedom

With full color tunability and a host of modes you can take full control about your lighting and concentrate freely on your creativity.

Peragos Color Space

Extended CCT Range.jpg

Extended CCT Range

With an extended color temperature range from 2400K to 9900k in CCT-Light mode you can adapt to any ambient light quickly.

full color.jpg

Tint Control ± G/M Adjustment

Adjust to a tint in other lights easily with ± Green / Magenta compensation.


Filter Library At Your Fingertips

The Gel library consist of more than 300 widely used filters available to you at your fingertips. No light loss, no GELS you need to carry with you, all filters digitally built-in.



Lighting Effects

With a wide range of built-in adjustable lighting effects such as Party, Candle, Club, Cop Car, Fire, Fireworks, Light strobe, Lightning and Television.

16 Adjustable Effects

High Speed Mode

Shoot at any frame rate and shutter angle without flicker. The base frequency of the Rayzr Light Engine fixtures can be adjusted to provide flawless high-speed performance at any settings.

400 Hz ~ 20,000 Hz

full color.jpg

Dimming Curves

Four user-selectable dimming curves provide fine grained control in specific situations: linear being a 1:1 translation, exponential providing fine control in the low end whereas logarithmic provides fine control in the high end and the "s" curve is a combination of exponential and logarithmic.


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